Everything you need to know about the oil in your vehicle

Not changing it in time can damage the engine permanently.

When we think about the maintenance of the vehicle, there are several elements that we have in consideration. One of them are the changes of liquids, and especially, the oil, since it is a key lubricant for the optimal functioning of our car, and especially the engine. But, why is this liquid so important? The function of the oil is crucial to lubricate the moving parts of the engine so that the friction does not damage them, and, in addition, ensures that the components of the vehicle have the proper temperature. Another function is to keep the engine clean, since, when going through the filter, the oil is responsible for retaining those elements that can dirty and damage the engine.

When should I change the oil?

This is the key question. Changing it when you play is the most important thing for the car to function normally. Everything will depend on the habits of each one. Experts recommend checking the oil level every 3,000 km, so we will be responsible for controlling the mileage. You should not only look at the level, but also the color. If you consider that the oil has adopted a very dark or black color, it is better to change it, because it is a sign that it is dirty.

Remember also that the oil can deteriorate if your vehicle has been standing for a long time. If this is the case, pay special attention before taking the wheel again.

How many kilometers can I travel with an oil refill?

If you just changed the oil and you do not know very well how long it will last, we give you some clues. There is no established limit, but this will depend on each vehicle and its use. In summary, we can separate the oils into three categories. There are synthetic oils, semi-synthetic oils and minerals. The first lasts about 15,000 kilometers, the second about 10,000 and the mineral only about 5,000.

Ask an expert what it is that your car uses, although it is likely that, if you have a car that is not extremely old, work with synthetic oil. This is a longer time due to the additives that have been added in a laboratory, which guarantees a good performance of the lubricant in the most extreme conditions.